The Cost of College and Student Debt

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A college degree might set you up for a successful career. It can also saddle you with so much debt you can't even think about buying a house, according to a report by the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland. On the Sound of Ideas, we'll discuss student loan debt -- well over a trillion dollars in the U.S. and growing -- and how it impacts the 40 percent of adults under 30 who carry college debt. 



U.S. Dept. of Education Student Loans, Forgiveness


Student Debt Crisis



-Natalia Abrams, Executive Director, Student Debt Crisis

-Noelle Coughanour, Marketing Manager, Zing Anything 

-Chancellor John Carey, Ohio Dept of Higher Ed.   

-Diane Corbett, Director of Student Financial Aid, OSU

-Dr. Scott Schulz, VP of Enrollment Management, Baldwin Wallace University 

-Katherine Sydor, Office of the Under Secretary, US Dept. of Education 

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