Senate Health Care Bill & Asian Carp Found Near Great Lakes

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The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said this week that 22 million people would lose health care coverage in the next 10 years under the Senate's health care overhaul, which also would lower the deficit by billions and cut corporate taxes. On The Sound of Ideas, we discuss the latest developments in the GOP plan to scrap Obamacare, and how it will impact Ohioans. Then, the latest on how the Great Lakes region is battling invasive Asian carp. ​


-Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO, Cleveland Clinic

-Loren Anthes, Public Policy Fellow, Medicaid Policy Center, The Center for Community Solutions

-Tracy Carter, Senior Director, Government Affairs, MetroHealth

-Rea Hederman, Executive Vice President, The Buckeye Institute

-Crystal Davis, Policy Director, Alliance for the Great Lakes

-Jennifer Caddick, Spokesperson, Alliance for the Great Lakes

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