Science Cafe: DNA Testing; BW Students go to Superbowl; Akron Entrepreneur

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Thanks to DNA testing, old criminal investigations are getting a second look, and in many cases, leading to new convictions. On The Sound of Ideas, we’ll meet a forensic scientist at the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. Then, a class of Baldwin Wallace sports-management majors went behind the scenes of the Super Bowl, we’ll hear what they learned. Plus, an Akron entrepreneur pitches his company which employs people with disabilities to the TV show, “Shark Tank”.


-Emily Feldenkris, Forensic Scientist, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation

-Charles Campisi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Baldwin Wallace University

-Julianna Rubin, Junior, Baldwin Wallace University

-Zachary Poudrier, Sophomore, Baldwin Wallace University

-Evan Delahanty, Founder, Peaceful Fruits

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