Read Across America Day; Confusing Sell-By Dates

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Annual Read Across America Day is Thursday. What will you be reading? Dr. Suess, Tolstoy, or maybe something in between? The day isn't just about losing oneself in a good book, it's about highlighting efforts to combat illiteracy. On The Sound of Ideas, we'll talk about reading, and learning to read. Later, when you read a food label, you may come away confused. Making sense of sell-by, use-by and best-by dates. Join us.



The Literacy Cooperative

Cleveland Kids Book Bank

University Settlement

Thirty Million Words Initiative


-Robert E. Paponetti, Executive Director, Cleveland Literacy Cooperative

-Dr. Dana Suskind, MD, Professor of Surgery, University of Chicago and Founder of the Thirty Million Words Initiative

-Thea Wilson Ph.D., Vice President for Children and Families, Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland

-Judi Kovach, Co-Founder, Cleveland Kids Book Bank

-Derrick Fulton, Executive Director, University Settlement

-Paul DeSario Ph.D., Supervisor, Food Protection Unit, Cuyagoha County Board of Health

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