Mike Belkin Book & Edwin's Documentary at Chagrin Film Festival

Mike Belkin was dusting shoe boxes in his father's clothing store when he and his co-worker brother, Jules, began Belkin productions. The concert promotion business grew into a force that helped transform Cleveland into the Rock and Roll capital of the world, and propelled the careers of many rock acts. I'm Mike McIntyre. Mike Belkin joins The Sound of Ideas to discuss his life, legacy and his memoir: "Mike Belkin: Socks, Sports, Rock and Art."



-Mike Belkin, Co-Founder, Belkin Productions & President of Pinnacle Marketing & Distribution, a sports merchandising firm

-Carlo Wolff, Author, “Mike Belkin: Socks, Sports, Rock and Art”

-Brandon Chrostowski, CEO, Edwins Leadership and Restaurant Institute

-Thomas Lennon, Director, “Knife Skills” 

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