Juvenile Detention Center Riot; Public Safety Recruitment

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Cleveland has the help wanted sign out  looking to attract young, diverse recruits to the police force. But of police in the minority community is a hindrance. It's a Catch-22: A more diverse force would make community relations better. But recuiting isn't easy. On The Sound of Ideas, we look at how Cleveland its making its pitch, including the first-ever Law Enforcement Police Pipeline class targeting Cleveland high schoolers.


-Mike O’Malley, Prosecutor, Cuyahoga County

-Sergeant Charmin Leon, Cleveland Division of Police

-Angela Thi Bennett, Director of Programming and Development, Cleveland Police Foundation 

-Tyrence James, Senior, Martin Luther King Jr. High School

-Nautica Henderson, Senior, Martin Luther King Jr. High School 

-Lieutenant Thomas Pryor, Cleveland Division of Fire

-Sgt. Desmond Anderson, Cleveland Division of Emergency Medical Service

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