Implicit Bias

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We're all said to have implicit bias. It doesn't necessarily mean you're a racist or a sexist, but you may have biases about people or issues you didn't even know you had. So how do you discover those biases and what do you do about them once you know? The issue is especially timely as officials here and across the nation work to improve the relationship between police and the black community. We'll talk about it on this edition of The Sound of Ideas.


Ronnie Dunn, Associate Professor of Urban Studies, Cleveland State University and member of the NAACP Criminal Justice Committee

Calvin Lai, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University

Heidi Grant Halvorson, Social Psychologist, Author and Senior Consultant for the Neuroledership Institute

Shakyra Diaz, Policy Manager, The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio

Jack Glaser, Associate Professor, UC Berkeley & Author, “Suspect Race: Causes and Consequences of Racial Profiling"

Bishop F. Josephus Johnson II, The House of the Lord Church in Akron

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