Chief Wahoo Decision; Juvenile Court Judge Discusses Reform Efforts

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Chief Wahoo, the logo that has been emblazoned on the uniforms of the Cleveland Indians since 1947, will be removed from the team's jerseys and ballcaps starting next year. Critics who believe Wahoo is a racist depiction of Native Americans cheer the move, which was pushed by the league. Defenders of Wahoo say the logo is a harmless cartoon and blame its removal on politcal correctness run amok.  Fans are free to wear, and still purchase, Wahoo gear. It's the team that won't display the caricature. Plus, more on the problems, and the progress of reforms, at the Juvenile Detention Center with Judge Kristin Sweeney.


Terry Pluto, Sports Columnist, The Cleveland Plain Dealer 
Ted Diadium, Editorial Board Member,, The Plain Dealer 
Philip Yenyo, Executive Director, American Indian Movement of Ohio 

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