The State We're In

AUSTRALIAN ANGEL: For almost 50 years, Don Ritchie has lived across the street from Australia's most notorious suicide spot, known around Sydney as "The Gap". From his bedroom, Don can actually see people who are considering jumping. So he walks over to them, and gently invites them to share a cup of tea back at his home. To date, Don has saved at least 160 lives.

(Originally broadcast 27 November 2010)

MISSING IN ACTION: In 1965, Carol Hrdlicka waved goodbye to her pilot husband David, who was deployed to Vietnam. A month and a half later, he was shot down. Carol believed he was dead until -- 20 years later -- she came across evidence that convinces her he's still alive.

(Originally Broadcast 22 May 2010)

THE RETURNED RING: When Josie Houghton got engaged to US Air force Captain, George Houghton, she picked out a titanium ring that meant the world to both of them. But in June 2009, George died when his plane crashed during training. Josie wanted only one thing from the crash site: the ring she gave him. The Air force said it couldn't be found. But as she tells Jonathan, that's not where the story ends...

(Originally Broadcast 6 November 2010)

FOUND AND LOST: Anik See finds a wallet lying in a snow bank in Calgary, Canada. She wants to do the right thing and so she tries to turn it into the nearest police station. But the police thought she'd stolen the wallet. Then they thought it was hers. It took her two days to sort the mess out.

(Originally broadcast 27 November 2010)

THE LONE SURVIVOR: On December 9, 1947, Dutch soldiers on Java, Indonesia walked into villages and massacred the men. Siah Bin Sakam was supposed to be one of the executed, but the bullet hit his hand instead. He kept still under a corpse for half an hour until the soldiers left. Now, over 60 years later, he's still seeking compensation from the Dutch government.

(Originally Broadcast 4 December 2010)


Don Ritchie
Anik See
Josie Houghton
Carol Hrdlicka
Siah Bin Sakam

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