Spot on Science: David Eicher

From here on Earth, the stars just look like little specks of light, but, through a telescope, it’s a whole new word – literally. It’s this spectacular sight that inspired David Eicher to pursue a career galaxy gazing.

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At this young age, David turned his fascination with the final frontier into his career.

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Astronomy is a magazine – and a website, and David is an Editor there. That means he gets to read, write, and talk about space all day. Doesn’t sound so bad to me – especially with all the new things we’re learning about the cosmos every day!

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But “really close” in cosmic distance isn’t actually that close at all! As we’ve mentioned, the Trappist-1 system is about 40 light years away – or roughly 235 trillion miles away! That didn’t stop a lot of you from imagining traveling there when we told you about them a few weeks ago. But Izzy from Ford Intermediate said she’d rather stay here on Earth, writing:  “When I was younger, I would think that gravity would somehow pull me down into a black hole. Even though there isn't gravity in space.”

Well, actually, Izzy, your younger self has a point, according to David.

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Luckily, if you want to learn more about space without having to dodge black holes, there are plenty of resources online, like – and, according to David, another resource is right above us every night!

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