Story Club Champ Shares Tale Of A Black Superman - Her Dad

Storytelling is one of our oldest forms of performance art. 

Among ancient tribes, what we now call history, or heritage, was shared around a fire.

The Netflix of medieval times was the bard, a professional storyteller who kept the crowds entertained. 

Modern day bards -- amatuers, not professionals, often inspired by NPR's moth radio hour --  are packing bars and libraries in Northeast Ohio to experience the art of 'live narrative'. 

Earlier this week, Sound of Ideas host Mike McIntyre and his guests discussed the appeal of these shows -- and of a good tale, well told. 

Case in point: Clevelander Josie Woodall, the first year 'champion' of a local group called Story Club. 

You can hear Woodall read her award-winning story above and read the full version here

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