Sen. Sherrod Brown; Akron's Tent Neighborhood; Addiction Mural

Late Sunday night and into the overnight hours, tragedy hit the Las Vegas strip when a gunman opened fire from a window of the Mandalay Bay hotel. Hundreds were wounded and at least 58 people died, making the attack the deadliest mass shooting in modern United States history. As investigators continue to look into the 'why', Ohio public officials offered prayers, condolences and calls for a renewed focus on weapons.

"They just showed up at something and they don't ever get home again."
U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown reacts to the horror of what happened in Las Vegas -- and answers our questions about healthcare, taxes, congress, and much more.

Meanwhile,  homeless does not mean 'helpless'. We'll meet some folks who are making do, with very little -- but still moving forward.

And, we take a trip to Cleveland's east side and ask -- can public art influence public opinion?

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U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, (D) Ohio



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