Immigration Enforcement; Understanding "Orthorexia"; Inside American Greetings

Immigration reform is very much in the news. We're joined by immigration attorney, Heather Prendergast, to discuss how enforcement has evolved this past year, across the country and in Northeast Ohio.

Many of us aim to eat healthier, but do some teens and young adults take it too far? We'll talk with experts from Akron Children's Hospital about the growing problem of "orthorexia".

And, romance is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches. Let's meet the people who carefully craft just the right words to help you say "I love you".

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Heather Prendergast, Immigration Attorney, Aljijakli & Kosseff, LLC

Jessica Castonguay, DO, MPH, Akron Children's Hospital

Madeline Brown, RD/LD, Akron Children's Hospital

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