Discover the Music Capital of the EU, Katowice

National Orchestra of Polish Radio, Katowice Concert Hall
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During this program, we learn about the major music capital of the European Union, from our guest Ewa Sadkowska, sales and hall manager at the National Orchestra of the Polish Radio, Katowice. She shares with us information about Katowice, what it looks like today and how it has developed into the Music Capital of the European Union. And we will be listening to the music of two famous Polish composers, Wojciech Kilar and Henryk Mikolaj Górecki. 

We begin our program with Kilar's Szepty i Lzy from Jane Campion's film "Portret Damy" sung by Anna Maria Jopek, accompanied by Tomasz Stanko on trumpet. 



Our Guest:

Ewa Sadkowska

Sales Director and Hall Manager of the

National Orchestra of Polish Ratio, Katowice. 

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