Discover Norwid's Poetry and Górecki's artistry, just like Eleni did

Eleni Concert Oct. 6th @ 8pm at the Polish American Cultural Center 6501 Lansing Ave. Cleveland, OH
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During tonight's program, we will remember, Cyprian Kamil Norwid, who was a nationally esteemed Polish poet, dramatist, painter, and sculptor. He was born in the Masovian village of Laskowo-Gluchy near Warsaw, Poland. We will share one of his poems during this program. We will also learn about a recently published book about the University of Jana Kazimierza in Lwów. And we will be listening to music of Eleni, who will be performing at the Polish American Cultural Center on October 6th at 8 pm  and later in the program we will listen to compositions of Henryk Mikolaj Górecki. 

Eleni learned the poetry of Norwid in Poland, she sings about it in her new single "Eleni zwą mnie Enjoy! 

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