Inauguration Recap: The President's Speech

Newsmaker: John Farina, Cleveland Stonewall Democrats
President Obama made history Monday mentioning the issue of gay rights for the first time in an inaugural address. In doing this the president placed the fight for gay equality alongside the struggles for women's equality and civil rights and he made it known that gay marriage and equal rights for all are on his radar for his second term.

Roundtable: Kevin O’Brien, Editorial Writer, The Plain Dealer; Mark Naymik, Metro Columnist, Plain Dealer; Ned Whelan, President, Whelan Communications

Inauguration Recap
President Obama’s inaugural speech echoed the words of Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln. President Obama took time to acknowledge civil rights for all American people and stirred up some controversial conversations about gay marriage and gun control. Some say this speech was indicative of who the president is and he made it clear where he wants to steer America in his second term.

No Budget, No Pay Act
The pressure was on for Congress Wednesday, when the House voted to approve a three-month extension of the debt limit as a part of the No Budget, No Pay Act. The bill pressures lawmakers to adopt a budget or else have their pay withheld. Congressman Jim Renacci was one of the 199 GOP supporters of the bill saying that “it is a solid step toward bringing fiscal responsibility back to our nation’s capital.”

Facebook Comment
Be careful what you say on social media. State Board of Education President Debe Terhar posted a photograph of Hitler on her Facebook page with a message critical of the administration’s new gun-control efforts. The post read “Never forget what this tyrant said: ‘To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.’” She claims she was not comparing President Obama to Adolf Hitler when she posted it but instead she was trying to make the point that ‘tyrants disarm their people.” Now, the Ohio Democratic Party has called for her resignation, but Governor John Kasich has defended her by stating she made a mistake and has apologized for it and the people elected her for that position.

County Headquarters
Cuyahoga County Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to sell the long-shuttered Ameritrust complex and lease a new government headquarters on part of it. The county's choice hinged in part on a desire to eventually own a building that perfectly suited its needs.

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