Sam Sheppard; Beyond the Dish Stan Hywet; Tricked Out Wheelchairs

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A real-life murder-mystery that happened in Northeast Ohio sixty years ago on July 4th that some say inspired the TV series, The Fugitive, and a feature film by the same name.

And in our monthly installment of Beyond the Dish, we get a lesson in etiquette at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

Plus, on Applause America we introduce you to designer and inventor Lance Greathouse who restores peoples’ sense of dignity by tricking out wheelchairs.


William V. Levy, Former Newspaper Reporter
Doris O'Donnell-Beaufait, Former Newspaper Reporter
Patricia J. Falk, CSU Professor of Law
Jeffrey E. Lewis, School of Law, Saint Louis University
Jim Urban, Stan Hywet
Lance Greathouse, Greathouse Labs

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