Preview of the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival

38th Cleveland International Film Festival
We set the stage for the 38th Cleveland International Film Festival that runs March 19-30, 2014. Film Festival Artistic Director Bill Guentzler fills us in on news about new theater locations, new competitions and a list of must see movies.

The Sax Man
We'll also preview the movie The Sax Man, about a local musician whom you may have seen. He serenades audiences for free at Progressive Field, Horseshoe Casino and Playhouse Square. His real name is Maurice Reedus Jr., and he's a talented musician from a musical family who rose to stardom in the 1970’s working alongside James Brown and the O’Jays.

Applause America: Richard Sherman
Getting a film to the big screen is a long and arduous process. The difficulties surrounding the making of the movie musical Mary Poppins are at the center of the recent film Saving Mr. Banks. The film tells the story of author P. L. Travers, who grudgingly agreed to turn her book into a Disney animated film. In our ongoing series Applause America, the man behind much of the Mary Poppins music, Richard Sherman, shares the challenges of getting that movie made.


Bill Guentzler, Cleveland International Film Festival
Todd Bemak, Producer, "The Sax Man"
Richard Sherman, Songwriter, "Saving Mr. Banks"

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