The Other Audubon; Singer Lori Triplett

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We all know the story of famed naturalist and painter John Audubon who studied and documented birds. Well, the reaction from Genevieve Jones, an Ohio native who saw an exhibition of Audubon's work in 1830, was to feel like something was missing from his paintings... which inspired her to follow closely in his footsteps, earning Genevieve the title of "The Other Audubon."

While Genevieve Jones documented nests, Larry Lederman - an attorney living in New York - decided to turn his camera on the place where most birds build their nests: trees. The result is a stunning coffee table book called "The Magnificent Trees of the New York Botanical Garden."

Coming of age for young adults can be a challenging experience, especially these days. You see them working at coffee shops and pubs, full of ambition and pride, yet unsure of where they might land in this world. Singer/songwriter Lori Triplett isn't immune to that anxiety about where she belongs and how she fits in, but with her music and faith to lead her, she knows there's a "Safe Place to Land," which is the title of her new CD.


Joy M. Kiser, Author, The Other Audubon
Larry Lederman, Author, The Magnificent Trees of the New York Botanical Garden
Todd Forrest, The New York Botanical Garden
Lori Triplett, Singer

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