Organization Helps Register Cleveland Homeless People To Vote

File photo of Cleveland. (Tony Ganzer / ideastream)
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Some of the estimated 3,000 homeless people in Cleveland found help Tuesday in registering to vote. The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless set up registration tables at three shelters. From Ohio Public Radio station WKSU, Kevin Niedermier reports.

Not having a permanent address makes voter registration more difficult according to homeless advocates. And, they say the elimination of “Golden Week” where people could register and vote on the same day, is also a problem.  

One of the registration tables was at the Bishop William Cosgrove Center in downtown Cleveland where Kyle Wright signed up to vote.  

He says this opportunity is very helpful.

Wright: “As a homeless person, you be thinking you got a million and one things. This makes it so much more convenient for us because now we can take care of this and we can take care of all the other stuff we need like job searches and all that.” 

The Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless will be driving as many of these newly registered voters as possible from shelters to the Board of Elections for early voting between October 12th and November 7th.                                                                                                                            

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