Ohio Issuing IDs For Veterans

Rep. Marlene Anielski (Jo Ingles / Statehouse Bureau)
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Ohio veterans can get a new card from the state to carry as identification. From our Statehouse Bureau Jo Ingles has details.

The veterans’ card is the creation of a new state law.

When veterans apply for this card, the state will keep all of the important government information online so it’ll be easily accessible when vets apply for social services or their families apply for burial benefits.

Republican State Representative Marlene Anielski says the card has another important purpose.

“You can also use this iID for voting as well. And for those veterans who perhaps are homeless or cannot afford a state id, they will be able to use this.”

She says local communities will be able to charge up to $2 for the card though she thinks many won’t charge for it at all.

Veterans can get the cards from county recorder’s offices.

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