Pharmacy - A Prescription for a Rewarding Career

Pharmacy is a great career choice for the right person — someone who understands and appreciates the responsibilities involved with being a health practitioner.

• A well-rounded career. Pharmacy is an exciting blend of science, health care, direct patient contact, computer technology, and business.
• A vital part of the health care system. Pharmacists play a vital role in improving patient care through the medicine and information they provide.
• Excellent earning potential. Pharmacy is one of the most financially rewarding careers.
• Outstanding opportunities. There is an unprecedented demand for pharmacists in a wide variety of occupational settings.
• A trusted profession. Pharmacists are consistently ranked as one of the most highly trusted professionals because of the care and service they provide.

Presenter: Andrea Pallotta Pharmacist from the Cleveland Clinic

Schools interested in participating in this educational opportunity should contact John Ramicone at 216-916-6360 or by March 20th.

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