Youngstown Mayor, Mahoning County Auditor and Attorney Plead Not Guilty to Corruption Charges

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Mayor John McNally is accused of bribery, tampering with records, perjury, money laundering and other crimes in an indictment that involved his opposition to a development called Oak Hill. The indictment relates to McNally’s activity as a county commissioner, not as mayor.

Attorney Lynn Maro has defended McNally in the past. Maro says this indictment is similar to charges McNally faced in 2010. A judge dismissed that indictment.

“It’s hard not to be frustrated when you look at the years that have been put into this -- and the constant scrutiny and harassment over allegations from years ago," Maro told reporters outside the courtroom. "John McNally’s always maintained he did nothing improper or illegal in opposing Oak Hill.”

Also pleading not guilty were Mahoning County Auditor Michael Sciortino and former candidate for prosecutor Martin Yavorcik.

Yavorcik told reporters he denies doing anything wrong.

“I want all the facts to come out, because we’ve only seen one half of this," Yavorcik said. "This is what they’re alleging. It isn’t what’s true. You’ll see what’s true in court.”

While the three accused officials are free to go about their lives as the case moves forward, they cannot leave the state of Ohio without permission from the judge assigned to their case.

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