Yost Says JobsOhio Audit Could Be Finished by Late October

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YOST: "Well the legislature has said that it is a private not-for-profit corporation -- and not a government entity -- that operates on dollars that are not public dollars. And the legislature gets to define terms, and I follow them."

INGLES: "Are you still going to have that audit out though on that?"

YOST: "Oh yea."

INGLES: "When can we expect that?"

YOST: "You know, the problem is it is the first audit, so you don’t really know what you are going to find. We are well along. I would guess that we're three quarters of the way through our work. And so based on that, barring anything I can’t foresee, I would expect in mid-, late October. But that’s not a hard deadline because we haven’t audited this entity before and I don’t know what we're going to find."

Yost says this is the only audit he’ll be able to do on JobsOhio since the legislature changed the law to prevent him from doing future audits. Yost’s likely Democratic opponent in next year’s election, State Representative John Patrick Carney, says Yost should have done a more complete audit of JobsOhio by now.

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