U.S. Representative Pushes For Familiar Face To Take Top Spot At Youngstown State University

U.S. Representative Tim Ryan and a handful of Youngstown-area leaders think they’ve already found Youngstown State University’s next president: Jim Tressel, former football coach at Ohio State and Youngstown State University.

Ryan sent a letter signed by more than 30 people to YSU’s board of trustees telling why they believe Tressel is the perfect candidate.

“He has a long history in Youngstown," Ryan explained. "The people know him, the people love him. And I think he can raise the kind of money you need to raise at that level to reinvest back in the school.”

Tressel is currently executive vice president for student success at the University of Akron, where he is also mentioned as a possible contender for the top post

Akron spokeswoman Eileen Korey declined to comment about Tressell taking any new roles.

As for Youngstown State’s next move, board of trustees chairman Sudershan Garg says they’re hoping to move quickly to replace current current president Randy Dunn, who’s leaving to take the helm at Southern Illinois University.

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