Tornado Reported in Southwest Ohio Wednesday Night

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Eyewitnesses say the tornado touched down once for about 40 seconds, pulled back up then came down a second time, where it spent five or six minutes on the ground. The Beans and Cream Restaurant in downtown Cedarville was open when the tornado hit. A worker at the restaurant reports they took cover, but saw no signs of the twister.

"We heard the alerts, there was one woman eating in here and then there was two of us working and our bosses," the worker said. "So we got everyone and brought them to the back, away from the windows while the warning was going on...everything’s fine, no damage. Actually, it just rained here, we didn't even notice much wind."

The Clark County Emergency Management Agency also reported tornado sightings in Madison, Harmony, and Pleasant Township—with a possible touchdown in a field in South Charleston. Greene County officials say the National Weather Service will be in the area today to assess the strength of the tornado.

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