Tech Sector Enjoys Pay Hike

Stock photo, WCPN.
Stock photo, WCPN.
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Career site Dice says tech workers saw more than a 5 percent increase in average yearly salaries, according to its 2012-2013 salary survey. A company official says employers are recognizing the worth of hiring and keeping qualified technicians, and are willing to commit to that with bonuses and increased compensation.

Cleveland is one of seven markets to see a double-digit increase in average yearly tech salaries, at 11 percent.

Brad Nellis is Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Software Association. He says the report jibes with what he's seeing across the region. Nellis adds it's because there aren't enough tech professionals in the job market.

"There's really demand all across the spectrum, from entry-level, fresh out of collegeā€¦.there's certainly demand there, but also a lot of demand for seasoned, experienced, technology professionals," says Nellis. "Software companies here in Cleveland cannot find enough people. Virtually all of them are hiring developers."

Columbus and Cincinnati respectively saw 8 and 6 percent increases for their tech workers. Nationally, Pittsburgh had the biggest increase: 18 percent.

Another finding from the Dice survey shows that most tech professionals were confident they could find a favorable, new job in 2013.

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