Superintendent Says Safety's the Number One Factor for Snow Days

Snow days just come with the territory for Akron Public Schools' superintendent David James.

But they're not necessarily his favorite days.

"It's a no-win situation," James said. "Because whenever we call a snow day, you'll have kids who are happy, parents who are not, in some situations, because they have to find day care services for their kids."

Plus, many low-income students rely on school-provided lunches, and often have to go without when schools close.

And they miss out on after school activities. James says he's well aware of the inconvenience closing school causes, but it all comes back to staying safe.

"It's really a situation where we're mainly concerned about the student's safety and getting to and from school," James said. "So those are some of the sacrifices that families will have to make, in terms of whether there's going to be that free lunch and things like that, sometimes safety outweighs those factors for a day or two."

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