Students Take Statewide Assessment Tests

Photo by Ryan M. on Flickr.
Photo by Ryan M. on Flickr.
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From now until May 16, schools around the state will be testing their students using the Ohio Achievement Assessment, also known as the OAA’s.

Of course, the grades play a big role in how students and school districts are evaluated. But as John Charlton with the Ohio Department of Education explains, it’s not just about getting top marks but for students to show growth.

“We’d like to see all students be successful, without a doubt we’d like them all to be straight-A students," Charlton said. "But we’re realistic enough to know that’s not really the case. What we need to do is meet students where they’re at and provide them with the education to move them forward."

Changes are already in the works for next year’s testing period. According to Charlton, districts around the state are preparing to administer the assessments completely online.

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