Strongsville High School Students Walk out of Class, Call for End to Strike

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At 10 a.m., about 75 Strongsville High School students walked nearly a mile and a half from the school building to the district headquarters. There they demanded a meeting with the schools superintendent.

STUDENTS: “Let us in!”

Eventually two students were let in. They met with superintendent John Krupinski for more than an hour. When they emerged, one of them, Mathangi Sridharan, said she told Krupinski of her and other students' frustration.

SRIDHARAN: “Before the strike, we were excellent with distinction. And that was because the board cooperated, the teachers cooperated, the parents cooperated, the students cooperated. It was just a united front. And we made it clear that a lot of the students feel that that’s just not there anymore.”

Meanwhile the teachers’ union says it met with Strongsville’s mayor today, and put together a new contract proposal that includes $300,000 in concessions. Also today the school board filed an unfair labor practices complaint against the union for picketing outside of board members’ homes and workplaces.

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