Some Young Voters Eyeing Third Party Candidates

A Capital University student and supporter of Libertarian Party presidential nominee Gary Johnson. (Andy Chow / Statehouse Bureau)
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Some young voters are not excited by the two major-party candidates running for president, and they're not afraid to support a third party candidate.  Statehouse reporter Andy Chow spoke with some of them: 

Students at Capital University near Columbus gathered for a rally that brought out a lot of young voters who have decided to support third party candidates such as the Green Party’s Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson.

Elijah Johnson, a sophomore is voting for the Libertarian nominee, says more people need to stand up against the two-party system.

Johnson: “I think everyone on those two sides think ‘if I vote for a third party I’m giving the vote to the other person I don’t want to win.’ So they’ll vote for somebody either Democrat or Republican but it’s not a waste of a vote, if everyone voted third party we wouldn’t have to worry about Trump or Hillary.”

Stein and Johnson are currently falling short of qualifying for the national debates.

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