Senators Say State Of The Union Should Focus On Economy

Ohio's U.S. Senators weighed in Monday on what they hope to hear in President Obama's State of the Union address.

Democrat Sherrod Brown wants the president to focus on jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector. He says the U.S. lost 5 million manufacturing jobs between 2000 and 2010, and has only gained back HALF a million.

"We need a real plan and policy for how do we move forward in manufacturing," Brown says. "It creates immense wealth, as we know, in Northeast Ohio. When manufacturing hurts, it causes a lot of pain for far too many people and far too many neighborhoods and communities. So I hope the president's focus is mostly on jobs, with an intense focus on manufacturing."

Brown made his comments at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital, where he talked up a proposal to increase pediatric research.

We caught up with Republican Rob Portman at a small business event at Tri-C's Corprate College. He hopes the president will extend an olive branch to the GOP, and be open to more business friendly policies.

"Whether it's tax policy, which I talked to a lot of these small business people about today, or regulation, or health care or energy - these all matter in terms of being able to create jobs here in the Cleveland area," Portman says, adding "And let's get rid of the partisan labels."

President Obama delivers his State of the Union Address tonight at 8:00. You can listen to it live here on 90.3.

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