This Primary Season, Tax Renewals Make Up The Majority of School Issues on Ballots

Collectively, more than 130 of Ohio’s school districts are asking voters to approve 149 school issues, with the majority being levy requests.

That amount is about average compared to other May primaries, said Damon Asbury, the Director of Legislative Services for the Ohio School Board Association.

But Asbury said with new money requests making up only about a third of the total issues, districts tend to ask for more renewals.

“It’s become more and more difficult to approve new money issues," Asbury said. "A lot of districts, really from the last six or so years, have been in the mode of going to the voters for renewals. They know because of the economic condition that it’s very difficult to get new money passed.”

As to tomorrow’s results, Asbury figures that less than half of the state’s new money requests will be approved, and up to 90 percent of the renewals should pass.

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