Poll: Ohio Voters 50 and up Want Candidates to Address Costs for Seniors

(Nick Castele / ideastream)
(Nick Castele / ideastream)

The AARP says likely older voters it polled are worried about utilities costs, paying taxes, and costs in general rising faster than their incomes.

Kathy Keller from the AARP says voters over 50 who responded say they're anxious about their financial security.

"They're worried that they're not going to be able to -- that a secure retirement is out of their reach," Keller said. "There are many -- 55 percent said that they either already have or will postpone retirement."

Eighty-two percent said they were concerned about utility rates, 59 percent said they were worried about paying too much in taxes and nearly half were concerned about being able to afford health care.

The poll shows Republican incumbent John Kasich has a 15 point lead over Democrat Ed FitzGerald in the governor's race, with 15 percent saying they're still undecided.

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