Plain Dealer Publisher: 'There Will Be Changes Coming'

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In January the Plain Dealer will lay off about a third of its newsroom staff. It's still not certain whether any of those employees will be hired by -- which is owned by the Plain Dealer's parent company, Advance Publications, but operates separately -- or whether the paper might launch its own web platform. Egger told WKYC's Tom Beres the paper is still profitable, but people are moving in large numbers to the web, and any changes at the Plain Dealer are going to reflect that trend. But he stopped there.

Egger: "There will be changes coming. We're not going out of business. No decision has been made not to publish a newspaper seven days a week. I don't think there will be any decisions or announcements or changes until sometime in the summer at best."

Other Advance Papers have cut back their print editions to just three days a week.

Egger announced late last summer that he would retire in January, but he has since said he'll stay on through whatever transition is in store.

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