One Injured, Man in Custody After Shooting at Dayton VA Medical Center

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The suspect is 59-year-old Neil Moore -- a former employee at the Dayton VA Medical Center, police say. Dayton police responded to reports of a shooting in the basement of the hospital around noon. Police say the victim, 61-year-old Paul Burnside, suffered a single gun shot wound in the ankle during a struggle with Moore. There is no known motive for the shooting, but police says its possible Moore and Burnside knew one another. Dayton city spokesman Bryan Taulbee says it’s an isolated incident.

"They searched high and low and found no one else, no other shooters, no other reason to suspect anyone else is doing anything inappropriate out there," Taulbee said.

Moore fled the scene and went to a different nearby hospital, where he was reportedly seeking psychiatric help. Hospital security turned him over to the police.

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