Ohio Voters Largely Back Existing Levies

School buses in Aurora, OH. (pic: Brian Bull)
School buses in Aurora, OH. (pic: Brian Bull)
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Based on the unofficial returns available earlier this morning, 78 of those were renewals of existing levies. That bunch enjoyed a 91 percent approval rate.

One of the highest renewed levies was for the Woodridge Local School District. 60 percent of voters approved the Summit County district’s 10.87 mill renewal levy.

New money requests from districts didn’t fare quite as well. There were 57 statewide, and roughly 40 percent passed…a rate comparable to 2009 levels.

The Tuscarawas Valley Local School District beat the odds, convincing voters to approve a new, 8-point-9 mill levy, with proponents saying steady losses of state revenue were affecting services for students.

With the levy approved, they estimate it’ll generate nearly $2 million a year for operating expenses.

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