Ohio Senators Say They'd Consider Gun Restrictions

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Ohio’s junior senator, Republican Rob Portman, says he’s now open to considering new restrictions on assault rifles -- something he opposed when he served in the U.S. House. Portman told reporters a few weeks ago that he’d also consider outlawing high-capacity ammunition clips. Those are positions shared by his Democratic colleague, Sen. Sherrod Brown.

BROWN: “It’s not going to eliminate the problem, certainly, the assault weapon ban, but it’s also a question of these magazines that people can, in a matter of seconds, fire 20 shots. It’s not necessary that people have those to hunt and I think we need to look at mental health issues. “

Both senators say they don’t believe that hurried passage of legislation can address the scope of gun violence.

BROWN: “It’s a broader question. It’s not just about guns but it’s partly about guns.”

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