Ohio Senate Passes Redistricting Bill

Under this plan, a commission made up of seven people would draw district boundaries, the Associated Press reports. And any new map would need the approval of at least one member of the minority party.

The incoming president of the Ohio Senate, Keith Faber, says he realizes the plan won't go anywhere this session because the Ohio House has adjourned for this year.

FABER: "We don't expect you to vote on this today. But we do expect you to work with us next session to start with this template and get the job done, not merely put in a great debate and have it resolved through the great debate society."

Secretary of State Jon Husted says he's pleased the Senate has passed the plan and hopes the full house and senate will pass redistricting reform next year. Husted notes this is the fourth general assembly in which lawmakers have debated, but not passed, redistricting reform.

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