Ohio House and Senate Pass State Budget

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Update: The Ohio House has passed the state budget.

Senate Finance Committee chair Scott Oelslager of Canton was proud of the budget process.

OELSLAGER: “We worked together to discuss one of the most progress-centered budgets the state of Ohio has ever seen.”

But Democrat Capri Cafaro of the Youngstown area described the stripping of Medicaid expansion from the budget this way:

CAFARO: “Fiscally irresponsible, heartless, cowardly and shortsighted. “

Democrat Nina Turner of Cleveland railed against the abortion provisions in the budget, which she also says is balanced on the backs of communities, the poor and women – as pro-choice activists watched.

TURNER: “And I would kindly ask that the members of this body grow a pair, ovaries or otherwise. I urge a no vote on this bill.”

Senate President Keith Faber was the final speaker.

FABER: “I ask you to support it not because it’s perfect. I ask you to support it because it furthers the path.”

The budget passed the Senate with all Democrats and Republican Kris Jordan of Powell voting against it, and all Republicans voting for it except Peggy Lehner of Kettering, who was absent.

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