Ohio Funds Headed To Schools To Upgrade And Strengthen Security

(Photo by Flickr.com/Seth Tisue)
(Photo by Flickr.com/Seth Tisue)

Ohio Department of Education Superintendent Richard Ross says that money will allow both public and private schools to install key security features, such as the communication system that allows schools to immediately interact with state and local authorities.

"One of the key components we’ve learned is the ability to instantaneously communicate with police and legal authorities to get here quickly," says Ross. "The MARCS system would do that. That’s one half of the program. The other half would be the controlled entry. That would be doors, videos, sound entry. We think those two things….the quick response and the slowing down of the entry….are two of the most important things.

Ross says this money will also allow schools to implement stronger safety plans. He says these funds will make sure all schools in Ohio will have the security upgrades that are necessary to keep kids safe.

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