Ohio Food Banks Say State Has Supported Them

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The leader of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food banks, Lisa Hamler Fugitt, says Gov. John Kasich has been good to her organization. She says Kasich has signed five executive orders to provide emergency funding for food banks. Kasich tells advocates for food banks he doesn’t see funding for food banks as a political issue.

"When you are just out there, lonely and driving your car, and putting gas in it, and the car isn’t working right and your spouse or somebody else asks you, 'Why do you do this?' you can explain it to them that I’m helping to heal the world," Kasich said. "You might think that’s a political statement. It is not. It’s what I firmly believe. You just ask my wife."

Kasich’s wife, First Lady Karen Kasich, has been active with the backpack program that provides extra food for low income students who are at risk.

Food banks are traditionally supported by both Republican and Democratic governors in Ohio. Former Governor, Democrat Ted Strickland, also supported food banks by helping to meet emergency funding needs.

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