Ohio Business Groups Testify Against Common Core Repeal Bill

Image by Alex Morfin / Wikimedia Commons
Image by Alex Morfin / Wikimedia Commons
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The chambers of commerce from some of Ohio’s largest cities were on hand at a House committee meeting to oppose the Common Core repeal. That includes the Greater Cleveland Partnership. CEO Joe Roman says the Common Core standards set a higher mark for students to achieve a deeper level of learning.

“We need children who not only can learn math but can use it and feel comfortable about it," Roman said.

Steve Staub is president of a manufacturing company in Dayton. He says he and other business leaders know first-hand the need for an educated workforce.

“We need people that can actually come out and be able to work and we don’t have to re-teach them things that they should’ve learned in high school," Staub said.

Those opposed to the Common Core believe the standards are part of a federal takeover of the education system. A committee vote on the repeal could happen in the next few weeks.

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