Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine: No Decision Yet on Stay in Federal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Photo: Ohio Attorney General's Office
Photo: Ohio Attorney General's Office
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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the federal court ruling says Ohio has to recognize legal gay marriages that were performed out of state. But he says that doesn’t mean those marriages will be recognized today.

"That ruling does not go into effect today," DeWine said. "The judge is asking both sides to file their briefs...and he will then determine whether or not he will stop this ruling from going into effect, because this case is going to the Sixth Circuit, which is the appellate court which is above the Ohio courts. So that decision will come out in the next few days.

DeWine says the judge will not allow enforcement of the ruling right now.

However, the state is not asking the ruling be stayed for the four couples in this case who want both of their names reflected as parents on birth certificates. He says the ruling will hold for those four couples in those specific cases.

DeWine says the judge could decide to put his ruling into effect in the next couple of days, pending on what happens in the six circuit court.

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