Ohio’s Public University Presidents Rank High In National Compensation Survey

Former Ohio State University President Gordn Gee
Former Ohio State University President Gordn Gee
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Former Ohio State president Gorden Gee took home more than 6 million dollars last year, far outstripping the 2nd highest paid public university president for the year.

He also made the top base pay - $850,000. But as the Chronicle's database reporter Jonah Newman says, his resignation at the end of the 2012-2013 school year catapulted his income into the multi-millions of dollars.

NEWMAN: Often the presidents at the top of our list are earning quite a bit of money on their way out. The three presidents at the top of the list - that's Gordon Gee, Bowen Loftin at Texas A&M University Hamid Shirvani at the North Dakota University System were all on their way out and received quite large, significant payouts because of that.

Gee's Total compensation included 3.85 million in severance and deferred pay as part of his package when he left.

Cleveland State's Ronald Berkman ranked 36th in overall compensation, at $667,000. Next, at 44th, was David Hopkins, president of Wright State, $646,000, followed by Kent State University President Lester Lefton, who ranked 46th at nearly $636,000.

A total of nine Ohio Public University presidents ranked among the top 100 in the Chronicle survey.

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