Obama Draws 12,000 To Cleveland Rally

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It was a long wait for supporters crowded onto a fenced in portion of the tarmac at Burke Lakefront Airport. When the president finally arrived, his entrance was impressive. Air Force One taxied right up to waiting crowd. Mr. Obama descended the ramp stairs and strode to the podium.

Obama: I am glad to be back in Cleveland, Ohio!

His voice hoarse after a 48 hour campaign blitz, the president acknowledged his race for a second term will soon be coming to a close.

Obama: Look, we've already now had three debates. We've had a year of campaigning. We have had way too many TV commercials - I feel bad for the state of Ohio.

From there Mr. Obama delivered much the same fare he's delivered over the past two days, with perhaps some added emphasis to the rescue of GM and Chrysler, saying it helped save tens of thousands of Ohio jobs. He talked about Romneysia - poking fun at his rival Mitt Romney's strategy of pivoting from positions he espoused during the primaries and right up to the first debate, but adding a more serious note.

Obama: You know, we joke about Romneysia - but it's not funny. Because it speaks to something serious. It has to do with trust. There's no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust.

And the president gave a nod to a republican who endorsed him in 2008, and who's just announced he'll vote for Mr. Obama again this year.

Obama: You know I was proud and humbled to learn today that we have Colin Powell's support in this campaign.

The president said he's kept his foreign policy promises - ending the war in Iraq, beginning to transition out of Afghanistan, and bringing Al Quaeda members, including Osama bin Laden. And he pushed early voting, pointing out he'd made a quick stop in Chicago just hours before so HE could vote early, becoming the first presidential candidate in US history to do so.

Bill Rice, 90.3.

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