A new era for hospital care in Lake County

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About 15 area fire and rescue teams will begin transporting patients Wednesday morning from LakeEast hospital in Painesville to the just completed Tri-Pointe Medical Center a few miles away in Concord Township.

Tri-Pointe is the first new "from the ground up" hospital to be built in Northeast Ohio in 28 years.

It will have fewer beds than Lake East, but all rooms will be private, which means that it will actually be able to accommodate more patients, says spokesman Gary Robinson. And it will have all the latest medical and information technology, something Lake East could not accommodate.

Robinson: "In terms of the kind of technology that's available today, you're just not able to retrofit that into older buildings. So with Tri-Pointe Medical center we were able to put the latest digital technology into the facility."

Painesville had struggled to convince the Lake Health System to build the new facility in Painesville, but it was decided the more natural and spacious Concord site was a better choice. LakeEast Hospital will be demolished, with plans on the drawing board to fill the space with new homes and businesses.

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