More Tax Filers Than Normal Expected Today

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Next month, the Treasury Department will start sending out what are known as "economic stimulus payments" to about 130 million American households, in an effort to boost consumer spending.

But, in order to get one of those checks, you have to...have a valid Social Security must have an income of at least $3,000...and you have to file a tax return. Ohio-based Internal Revenue Service spokesperson Eric Erickson says that's expected to draw the extra filers, this year.

ERICKSON: There are some people who qualify for the rebate, but would normally not have had to file a tax return. And that includes people who are getting Social Security benefits that are not taxable... veterans benefits... and certain railroad retirement benefits.

Erickson says there are special forms for these non-traditional filers. If you need help, you can call the IRS or click on the website below.

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