Medicaid's Course Remains Uncertain In Statehouse

But what might happen is unclear. State budget director Tim Keen has said Gov. John Kasich has continued to push his fellow Republicans on Medicaid expansion during the recess, but some lawmakers are reporting they have yet to talk with the governor about the issue.

And House Speaker Bill Batchelder admits he's not sure where his 60-member caucus stands as a whole on the complicated questions surrounding Medicaid expansion.

Lawmakers are expected back in early October. Democrats have wanted Kasich to call the legislature back into session to deal with Medicaid expansion, saying that adopting it by October 1 is key to capturing the maximum amount of federal funding that could come along with it.

But the Kasich administration and some Republican lawmakers have said that deadline isn't critical, and that the state's Medicaid agency will be ready if changes are made after that October 1 date.

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