Mandel Criticizes Auto Industry Bailout

Workers at GM Parma stamping plant (photo by Brian Bull)
Workers at GM Parma stamping plant (photo by Brian Bull)

Facing off against incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown today at the City Club in Cleveland, Mandel alleged that the bailout cost non-union auto workers at Delphi Corporation their pensions.

On several occasions, moderator Karen Kasler of Ohio Public Radio, couldn't get one or the other candidate to stay within debate time-limits.

"But I'm not a bailout senator, he's the bailout senator," said Mandel, gesturing at Brown while Kasler tried to get to the next question. "Bailed out Wall Street, Fanny and Freddie, and large corporations."

Brown acted incredulous at Mandel's remarks, talking about how the bailout helped keep auto workers employed throughout the region.

"You would be so out of step, with Senator (George) Voinovich and Congressman (Steven) LaTourette, and senators and congressmen of both parties, all over the Midwest," countered Brown. "To vote against -to be against -- the auto rescue just boggles my mind."

Brown has championed his support for the auto bailout as a major part of his re-election campaign.

The two candidates held the first of three debates today. Two more are scheduled before Election Day.

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